Hope For a Backsliding Nation

A man with a missing index finger tells his story how a snake bit him when the stick broke. He kept a 6 foot rattlesnake in a cage for a pet. One day, however, he took it into the living room and released it just to tease his wife. As she fled in terror, he quickly took a s … More


Jeremiah pauses in his condemnation of sin to offer a message of hope to backsliding Israel:

  1. An invitation is given to backsliding Israel to return to God (v. 11-12). Also (vv. 6,8,14).
  2. They are instructed to acknowledge their sin against God, by worshiping false gods (v. 13).
  3. Precious promises are made to these backsliding children (vv. 14-19).
    1. He promises to gather them in Jerusalem (1 from every town;  2 from every clan) (v. 14).
    2. He promises to set leaders over them who shall be a blessing to them (v. 15).
    3. He promises that there shall be no more need for the ark of the covenant (v. 16).
    4. He promises that Jerusalem will become prominent (v. 17).
    5. He promises that the house of Judah and Israel will reunite as a nation (v. 18).
    6. He promises them a pleasant land and a godly heritage (v. 19).
God makes His charge against Israel for their adulterous departures from Him (v. 20). Then the people come weeping and pleading (v. 21). God offers repentance (v. 22), and the people express remorse for their sin (vv. 23-25).


It will not take me long to get into a backsliden condition if I: (1) Stop studying his Word. (II Tim. 2:15), (2) Cease to pray (I Thes. 5:17), and (3) stop fellowshiping with other Christians (Heb. 10:25).

Jeremiah 3:11-25 (English Standard Version)

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