The Results of Refusing to Receive Correction

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Jerusalem was about to fall into the hands of the political enemy from without because of the spiritual enemies of God working from within. Jeremiah is commanded to search Jerusalem and Judah for a man. He searched among the common people in the city squares, but he found none (vv. 1-2). He reasoned this was because they did not know the judgments of God, having refused to receive correction, which  had made their hearts like rock (v. 3). Jeremiah then searched among the great men, and the leaders, but with the same results (vv. 4-5).

If just one righteous man could be found, perhaps the Lord would spare the city for the sake of this one. Because of their wickedness they had brought judgment upon themselves and they must bear the blame for it (vv. 6-9). God disowns them and dooms them to destruction (v. 10). There were, of course, a few who were still faithful to Jehovah, but the vast majority of the people were given wholly to idolatry and sexual impurity. Surely he could find some righteous people among those who had entered into a covenant with God and sworn to keep it. However, the  preachers, and the prophets, were found to be just as guilty (v. 11). Representing both houses, Israel and Judah, the prophets had denied God and His judgment (v. 12).

They have defied the judgment of god (vv 12-13). They did not fear what God is when they said, “It is not He; neither shall evil come upon us” (v. 12). The people refused to believe that God would ever destroy Jerusalem. Instead, they said that He would do nothing and that the prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others who were predicting doom were just “full of wind” (v. 13).


My testimony is important. I may be the only witness that some people will come in contact with. Since I am the only Bible that many people may ever read I want to be a glaring headline for Him.

Jeremiah 5:1-13 (English Standard Version)

Run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, look and take note! Search her squares to see if you can find a man, one who does justice and seeks truth, that I may pardon her. Though they say, "As the LORD lives," yet they swear falsely. O LORD, do not your eyes look for truth? You have struck them down, but they felt no anguish; you have consumed them, but they refused to take correction. They have made their faces harder than rock; they have refused to repent. Then I said, "These are only the poor; they have no sense; for they do not know the way of the LORD, the justice of their God. I will go to the great and will speak to them, for they know the way of the LORD, the justice of their God." But they all alike had broken the yoke; they had burst the bonds. Therefore a lion from the forest shall strike them down; a wolf from the desert shall devastate them. A leopard is watching their cities; everyone who goes out of them shall be torn in pieces, because their transgressions are many, their apostasies are great. "How can I pardon you? Your children have forsaken me and have sworn by those who are no gods. When I fed them to the full, they committed adultery and trooped to the houses of whores. They were well-fed, lusty stallions, each neighing for his neighbor's wife. Shall I not punish them for these things? declares the LORD; and shall I not avenge myself on a nation such as this? "Go up through her vine rows and destroy, but make not a full end; strip away her branches, for they are not the LORD's. For the house of Israel and the house of Judah have been utterly treacherous to me, declares the LORD. They have spoken falsely of the LORD and have said, 'He will do nothing; no disaster will come upon us, nor shall we see sword or famine. The prophets will become wind; the word is not in them. Thus shall it be done to them!'"

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