Remembering Traditions

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Jeremiah admonishes the people to remember the old traditions of faith and obedience. By returning to those ancient paths and walking in them they could find rest. They defiantly refuse (v. 16)! They actually showed a stubbornness and rejection of the law (vv. 16-19), as they gave false sacrifices (v. 20). God had done all He could to spare them of judgment. Yet, Judah rejected God’s law, thinking she could substitute rituals for obedience. Their elaborate burnt offerings, with incense imported from Sheba in southwest Arabia, were missing genuine love for God and did not please Him.

Because of their continued refusal to follow Him, God foretells of the desolation that will be coming. “I will lay stumbling blocks before this people” (v. 21). He will send the Babylonians :from the north” to bring destruction (v. 22). These people are very numerous “great nations” (v. 22), they are war-like. “They hold onto the  bow and spear” (v. 23), they are a barbarous people, “cruel and have no mercy” (v. 23). They also “ride upon horses” (v. 23) which will make the battle come swiftly.

Jeremiah goes on to describe the responses of the people as they hear the news (vv. 24-30). There is anguish, fear, and weakness, like a woman in hard labor (v. 24). The people were afraid of leaving their cities because of a sword which would strike them down (v. 25). Instead they put on sackcloth, which was a dark, rough cloth worn at times of mourning (v. 26). The sadness experienced by the people was similar to that experienced by one who had lost “an only son” (v. 26). It were as if God appointed Jeremiah as a tester of precious metals and the people of Judah were the ore (vv. 27-30). When God turned on the furnace, it revealed the people as dross to be thrown away.


As I look at my life do I see any impurities that should be burned away?  Lord help me to recognize them and confess them to You and allow You to purify my life. Thank You Lord!!!!!!!

Jeremiah 6:16-30 (English Standard Version)

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