Job’s Calamities

The bitter news of Dawson Trotman’s drowning swept like a cold wind across Schroon Lake to the shoreline. Eyewitnesses tell of the profound anxiety, the tears, the helpless disbelief in the faces of those who now looked out across the deep blue water. Everyone’s face exce … More


In Satan’s first assault on Job he loses his property and children (vv. 13-19). While his 10 children were feasting in the eldest brother’s house the first tragedies, engineered by Satan, to hit Job came by both human and natural attacks. The first was a Sabean attack (v. 15), by a people group from southwest Arabia who stole their donkeys and slaughtered the servants. While Job was reeling in shock from the news of this loss he was stunned by another. The fire of God (thought to be a lightening storm) killed 7000 of his sheep (vv. 16-17). As if this is not enough, the Chaldeans, a fierce nomadic people north of the Persian Gulf, attacked from three sides, stealing 3000 camels and slaughtering the servants.

Following this a mighty desert wind (perhaps a tornado) struck the four corners of Job’s house  causing it to fall on Job’s 10 children, killing them (vv. 18-19). All of his livestock had been stolen, all of his servants had been murdered, and all of his children had been killed. In just a few minutes he had been reduced from wealth and prosperity to grief and pauperism. In response to the fierceness of Satan’s rapid fourfold assault Job tore his clothing, symbolizing his inner turmoil and shock (vv 20-22). He did not hide his overwhelming grief, but he had not lost his faith in God.

Watch this man Job and listen to his testimony. Here is a philosophy of life that Christians need today toward material things. He has lost everything but he says, “blessed be the name of the Lord.”


I remember the day I heard this news about Dawson Trotman’s drowning. If, and when, I receive bad news I want to be able to go to Psa. 115:3 with the same assurance Lila Trotman had.

Job 1:13-22 (English Standard Version)

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