John’s Final Eulogy

Knowing a teachable moment had presented itself, John informs his students that one “can receive only what is given him from heaven (v. 31).” The point of this affirmation is clear. Knowing God has given everything, one who loves God should not envy another person’s gifts, abilities, or accomplishments. John understood his role in relation to Jesus to be that of the “best man” to the groom at a wedding. John instructed those that had supported and followed his ministry that Jesus must become greater, while he “must become less.” John knew that he was “from the earth,” while Jesus, as God’s Son, was “from heaven” (vv. 32-35). John taught his disciples that their relation to Jesus determines life itself, for rejection of Jesus brings about God’s wrath (v. 36). Therefore the one who accepts Jesus and the truth of His message avoids God’s wrath, participates in the life of the Spirit, and has life eternal. That life is not as a gift in the future but is a present reality that begins at the moment Jesus is accepted by faith and begins a relationship John’s final eulogy (vv. 31–36) did many things. It is an independent testimony establishing that Jesus’ origin was heavenly (v. 31), that Jesus preached a heavenly message from God (vv. 32–33), and that this message deals with every man’s eternal destiny (vv. 34-36).



It is my desire to have a testimony like John that is not about me but about Christ and all that He has done for me and what He wants to do for the people I’m sharing it with.

John 3:25-36 (English Standard Version)

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