Joseph Put in Charge of The Store Houses

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Joseph and his wife had two sons before the famine began (v. 50). Their names were Manasseh and Ephraim (vv. 51-52). During the seven years of good harvest Joseph worked hard, storing up the grain throughout Egypt. Then, as Joseph had predicted, the seven prosperous (fat) years were followed by seven years of famine (lean) years, causing people from many lands to have no food (53-54). There was not enough food in other countries but in Egypt there was plenty. When the famine began the people in Egypt asked the king for food and he said, “Go to Joseph and do what he tells you to do” v. 55).

The famine became bad everywhere in Egypt, so Joseph opened the storehouses and sold the grain to the Egyptian people (v. 56). The famine was not only in Egypt but in all the other countries too and the word spread quickly not only in Egypt but to these other countries as well that there was food in these store-houses (v. 57). Then Joseph opened the store-houses and sold grain to these other people as well as the Egyptians. Everyone looked up to Joseph, and he had great power.


Just as Joseph did not forget the great heritage that he had I should not forget the great heritage that I have of living in the United States and how our fore fathers brought the gospel to us. We must be determined to pass on these values to our children.    

Genesis 41:50-57 (English Standard Version)

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