Faith is The Opposite of Fear

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Although women did not traditionally inherit property in the Israelite society, Moses put justice ahead of tradition and gave the women the land they deserved (vv. 1-18)(Num. 27:1-11). Now, it is interesting to see how Joshua is carrying out this law (vv. 4-5). It is easy to refuse to honor a reasonable request because “things have not been done this way before.” But like Moses and Joshua it is best to look carefully at the purpose of the law before deciding.

Notice two contrasting attitudes toward the distribution of the promised land. Caleb took what God gave him and moved ahead to fulfill God’s plan for him (14:12). He was confident that God would help him drive out the wicked inhabitants and that he would soon fully occupy the land given to him (15:14-15). In contrast, the two tribes of Joseph were given rich land and lots of it, but they were afraid to drive out the inhabitants and take full possession of it. Instead they begged for more land. Caleb’s request was motivated by faith, whereas that of the Josephites stemmed from fear. The purpose, however, of this episode may well be to alert the Israelites to the fact that the tribes had to act in courageous faith if they were to possess the Promised Land fully.


The Lord has spiritual land for me to occupy if I am faithful and not fearful. The more knowledge I have the more responsible I become as His steward.

Joshua 17:1-18 (English Standard Version)

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