Work as if All Depends on You But Trust God

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God provided for the needs of each tribe, though in some cases parts of their inheritances were still in the hands of the enemy. The boundaries for each tribe are given and the Israelites were to possess the land by faith, trusting God to enable them to defeat their foes. Some think that if God is to be with them, they will have nothing to do. Joshua did not find it so. He and his troops had to fight, and use his sword-arm just as much as if there had been no God at all. The best and wisest thing in the world is to work as if it all depends upon you, and then trust in God knowing it all depends on Him.”

There were several good reasons for establishing these well-set boundaries instead of turning the promised land into a single undivided nation:

  1. The boundaries gave each tribe ownership of an area, promoting loyalty and unity that would strengthen each tribe.
  2. The boundaries established areas of responsibility and privilege, which would help each tribe develop and mature.
  3. The boundaries reduced the chance for conflicts that might have broken out if everyone had wanted to live in the choicest areas.
  4. The boundaries fulfilled the promised inheritance to each tribe that began to be given as early as the days of Jacob (Gen. 48:21,22).

Only after Joshua had seen to the welfare of his people did he receive an inheritance for himself located in the mountainous region of Ephraim. It was here that he built a town and dwelt in it (vv. 49-50).


It is not hard for me to trust God when the going is easy. However I need to have the faith that God is great enough to tackle my most difficult situations.

Joshua 19:1-51 (English Standard Version)

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