Peter’s Trial

A little girl came very early one morning to her mother, saying, “Which is worse, Mama, to tell a lie or to steal?” The Mother replied that both were so sinful she could not tell which was worse. “Well, Mama,” replied the little one, “I’ve been thinking a … More


Peter had followed the Lord and gained entrance into the residence of the high priest. While Jesus was on trial inside Caiaphas’ palace, Peter was on trial in the courtyard. As he sat in the courtyard awaiting the outcome of the trial, he had three opportunities to speak up for his Lord. Instead all three times he denied he even knew Him (vv. 69-74). Peter’s denial of Christ was the climax of a series of failures:

1.An overwhelming attack of Satan (Luke 22:31).

2.His old carnal nature kicked in (Galatians 5:17).

3.Sleeping instead of praying (Matthew 26:40-41).

4.Bad company (Matthew 26:69).

5.Pride (Matthew 26:35).

Having lied twice, Peter finds himself forced to lie the third time. Immediately the roster crows which was a bitter reminder of Jesus’ words (v. 34). The crowing of the rooster reminded Peter of what Jesus had said (vv. 74-75). He knew immediately that he had failed the Lord. Apparently at that very moment the Sanhedrin had finished abusing Jesus and was turning Him over to the soldiers in the courtyard. It was at this time that Jesus turned and looked at Peter (Luke 22:61), and that look of love broke the apostle’s heart. Then Peter went out and wept bitterly. Peter learned some important lessons during this difficult experience. He learned to pay attention to the Word, to watch and pray, and to put no confidence in his own strength.


It is so easy for me to be tempted to deny the truth if I am put on the spot or asked a question in front of my peers or I think it may cause me a problem if I answer it truthfully. This is when I really need to call on the Lord to help me.

Matthew 26:69-75 (English Standard Version)

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