Pharaoh’s Two Servant’s in Prison

The total number of men taken prisoner in World War II may never be accurately known, but for all the belligerents it may have exceeded 15,000,000, not counting those involved in the final surrender of the armed forces of Germany, Japan, and their satellites. The Western Allies c … More


This passage gives us insight into what to do when things do not turn out right. When they led Joseph off to prison that day, he may have looked despised and defeated in the eyes of others, but inside he could say, “God you are in charge.” It was not long before Joseph discovered the same God who was with him in Potiphar’s house was with him in the king’s prison. It is wonderful to know that we can’t go anywhere that God can’t reach. Since the king’s prisoners were put into this prison, Joseph met some men who held high offices and had access to Pharoah. Two of these men were the Pharoah’s chief butler and the royal baker (vv. 1-4). Somehow they had offended the king and in anger he had sent them to the same prison that Joseph was in. God brought these two men into Joseph’s life so that He could ultimately set him free and give him the throne He had prepared for him.

One morning when Joseph came in where the other prisoners were, he saw  these two men who were very sad. Joseph asked them why they were so unhappy. They replied that they had both had dreams in the night and they could not figure out their meaning (vv. 5-8). We need to understand that in those days God often spoke to people in dreams and therefore the meaning of a dream was very important. Joseph had often pondered his own dreams, but this is the first time he had considered the dreams of others. He understood their dreams to be from God and he said to the two  men, “God knows what the dreams mean. Tell me about them” (v. 8).


Before God sent the Holy Spirit to indwell a believer he spoke to people through dreams. Now He speaks through the written word. Many people do not read or hear it spoken so they do not know what God wants to say to them. I need to allow Him to speak to me and give me direction?

Genesis 40:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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