Right Thoughts Result in Right Actions

There was a settlement in the West whose people were engaged in the lumbering business. They wanted a church, so they built one and called a minister. The preacher was well received until one day he saw some of his parishioners collecting logs that had been floating down the rive … More


When men reject Divine wisdom and true knowledge they become like animals (Rom. 1:21-24). To willingly accept correction shows that a person loves knowledge. To hate correction shows that one is ignorant like an animal. Men who are trained to live like animals act like animals. Is it any wonder that men raised on the theory of evolution and who have rejected the Bible are living testimonies of this Proverb. The Lord shows favor to a man that obeys the Word and tries to do right (v. 1). On the other hand, He condemns the person who is deceptively shrewd and will show him no favor (v. 2). The wicked person will be uprooted like a plant torn up by the roots and one day will be cast into hell (v. 3).

A virtuous woman makes her husband proud and honored and is like a crown on her husband’s head. The opposite is true of a disgraceful wife whose shame gives him inner pain and is like the sudden coming on of old age (v. 4). Right thoughts result in right words and right actions while evil thoughts bear the fruit of evil words and evil deeds (v. 5). The wicked literally destroy people with their words while the upright try to rescue those who are attacked by gossipers and slanderers.


I can think of some people who have grown up hating discipline and correction and today they are having a hard time in life? I need to keep reminding myself and my family of the importance of being able to accept correction from those over us.

Proverbs 12:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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