Friends Will Take You Up or Down

A little girl had a dad who was a pastor. “Daddy, how do you know what to preach on Sundays?” “God tells me,” responded the dad. “Then daddy, why do you crinkle up so many sheets of paper and toss them into the waste basket?” We are much better off s … More


Usually a person’s conduct is consistent with his true character. A fool shows his lack of knowledge to everyone around him by his lack of discernment. A wise person moves cautiously ahead seeking wisdom and realizing that his character is demonstrated by words spoken and deeds performed (v. 16). A foolish messenger, either by his laziness or foolish conduct will fall into trouble (v. 17). The messenger who practices faithfulness and loyalty will bring blessing to his employers and himself.

Poverty and shame will come to those who think they are too advanced for instruction. Lasting honor will only come to those who humble themselves and receive instructions from those who are in possession of true knowledge (v. 18). The accomplishment of desired objectives can bring real joy to a wise person (v. 19). Fools on the other hand continue on in their sin as their desires are directed toward the accomplishment of evil. Once started on their downward spiral, such men usually stumble onto total destruction and often take a lot of other people with them. Only those who walk with wise men shall be safe from these fools and their end (v. 20). When most people need advice the go to their friends first because friends accept them and usually agree with them. Instead we should go to older, wiser people to advise us. Wise people have experienced more in life and have succeeded. They are not afraid to tell you the truth.



Explain to your family how important it is that we use discernment in choosing our friends and companions. In most situations you will find those who are serious about the Lord and you will find those who want to do their own thing.

Proverbs 13:14-20 (English Standard Version)

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