Beware of Settling Into a Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

The psalmist turns from his preoccupation with the conditions of his exile in a pagan, idolatrous culture to the plans and purposes of God for His chosen people. In a glorious equation of hope the psalmist weighs three great factors:

  1. The truth factor - God is eternal and God is enthroned! No one can overthrow a throne which has its pillars established in eternity (v. 12). No passing empire can overthrow the eternal purpose of God. In His person and in His purposes God is sovereign.
  2. The time factor - These verses more than any other in the Psalms would seem to point to the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Neh. 4:2, 10) (vv. 13-14).
  3. The testimony factor - Even the rubble and ruins of Jerusalem were a delight to the psalmist (vv. 15-17). The existence of such devastation was a testimony to the fact that no other nation had tried to gain possession of the land and cities deeded by God to Israel.

The empire changed hands, as Babylon fell and Persia came into power (vv. 18-22). Cyrus ascended the throne as Babylon fell. He issued his great decree of emancipation, and the Jews were free to go back to the promised land. However, only a handful went. The rest had experienced a life of ease in Babylon and for them the difficulties and dangers in Palestine was too much. They were quite willing to give financial and moral support but not to the hardships of pioneering. This must have been a bitter blow to a man like Daniel who was now getting very old. Perhaps he had expected something like this would happen as he saw his countrymen settling down comfortably in the land of their exile. We see many people today who settle into a comfort zone and are not willing to move out for God.


I need to be very careful that I don’t get so comfortable in this world that I quit looking forward to the Rapture and going to be with the Lord.

Psalms 102:15-22 (English Standard Version)

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