God’s goodness to His People

It was a stormy night in Birmingham, England, and Hudson Taylor was to speak at a meeting at the Seventh Street schoolroom. His hostess assured him that nobody would attend on such a stormy night, but Taylor insisted on going. “I must go even if there is no one but the doork … More


This is a historical psalm written to commemorate God’s goodness to His people and the faithfulness of His dealings. Israel’s mission was to proclaim to the nations the faithfulness of the living God.  The psalmist gives a threefold exhortation to Israel:

  1. A call to Rejoice (vv. 1-2) - For all the deeds He has done for His people.
  2. A call to Return (vv. 3-4) - From their wanderings in order to seek the Lord.
  3. A call to Remember (vv. 5-6) - All the marvelous works that He hath done.

Instead of this the Jews today are often at the forefront of keeping the Bible out of the schools. The psalmist has four things to say about the Abrahamic Covenant (vv. 7-11):

  1. How sovereign God is (v. 7). - “Jehovah our God”
  2. How sincere God is (v. 8). - “He hath remembered His Covenant forever”
  3. How selective God is (vv. 9-10). - “Which Covenant He made with Abraham”
  4. How specific God is (v. 11). - “Unto thee I will give the land of Canaan”

Palestine belongs to the Jews and not to the Arabs. It was deeded by God to Israel, and no decision of any world power, and no terrorist group is going to alter that (v. 11). The psalmist traces the history of Israel in which He fulfills His promise to make Israel a great nation (v. 12). He states how the Lord protected them when they sojourned in other lands (vv. 13-15).


God blessed the Patriarchs of Israel because of their faith (Heb. 11:6-12). I want to be a man of faith who is also blessed of God because of my faithfulness. The older I get the stronger my desire is to finish well.

Psalms 105:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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