God’s Miraculous Provisions For Israel

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The records in Exodus as well as here, show that the Egyptians loaded the Hebrews with silver and gold as pay back for the countless years they had been in slavery to them (Ex. l2:35-36). The oppressed Israelites were anxious to leave, but not anymore so than their oppressors (vv. 37:38).

In these next few verses (vv. 39-40) we see how God was truly merciful to his murmuring people.  “He spread a cloud for a covering: and fire to give light in the night” (v. 39). This is a demonstration of the kindness of God. He led his people (in spite of their murmuring) in such a way that the worst of their discomforts were cared for. A cloud to shade them from the sun’s fierce heat by day and a fire to light their path at night.  God miraculously provided food and drink for His people and did so all forty years they were wandering in the wilderness (vv. 40- 41).

Three acts of God proved His love and faithfulness to Israel:

  1. He remembered His holy promise with Abraham His servant” (v. 42). Abraham had been dead for centuries but in the Abrahamic Covenant God had promised Abraham He would bring his descendants into the promised land.
  2. He brought forth His people with joy....and gladness” (v. 43). Can you imagine the joy that must have flooded their soul when they had crossed the Red Sea and were no longer under the Egyptian bondage?
  3. He gave them the lands of the heathen” (v. 44). They reaped and gathered where they had not sown. They took possession of houses they had not built and land they had not worked.


The purpose of God rescuing the Israelites was that they would “observe His statuettes and keep His laws” (v. 45). That is also His purpose for rescuing me from a path of sin. It is easy to forget how sin once had dominion in my life.

Psalms 105:37-45 (English Standard Version)

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