Anticipating The Coming Kingdom

There was a pastor who lived in a suburb of London, England who pastored a church in the downtown area. He had an office in the church so he traveled back and forth between the church and his home in the suburbs on a bus each day. One Sunday morning he preached on honesty. On Mon … More


As we come to the climax of this chapter the scene moves from Armageddon to the commencement of the millennial reign. When Jesus walked on this earth He could enter the court of the Gentiles and the court of Israel but could not go into the Holy of Holies where only the priest could go once a year. Now the old Aaronic scheme of things has passed away and access to the temple is His by sovereign right (vv. 19-21). The Lord will be recognized as the chief cornerstone. He who was cast aside by Judaism is yet to be given His rightful place by Israel (vv. 22-23). We can see the Lord at the entrance to the temple in a coming day when all the people will cry “Hosanna!” (vv. 24-26).

The scene before us is clearly millennial. Everything is prophetic of the coming millennial reign of Christ (v. 27). The Lord will rescue Israel from her enemies at Megiddo. He will cleanse the earth of all that offends, and He will restore Jerusalem, making Israel the head of the nations, the headstone of His kingdom. He will rebuild the temple according to Ezekiel’s plan and will lead His redeemed people in a great celebration of the feast of Tabernacles. The coming song will be, “Thou art my God, and I will praise Thee” (vv. 28-29).


When I don’t feel like rejoicing I need to tell God how I honestly feel. God has given me this day to live and serve Him and I need to be glad.

Psalms 118:19-29 (English Standard Version)

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