Praise For The Word of God

Holiness, not happiness, is the chief end of man (Oswald Chambers).


Psalm 119 is the longest of the psalms. With 176 verses it is the longest chapter in the Bible. Every verse, except 4 or 5 contains a synonym for the Word of God. The Word of God is spoken of as “His Testimonies”, “His ways your precepts”, “Your statutes”. It has an interesting arrangement. Over verse 1, it says “Aleph”. Over verse 9. “Beth”, verse 17 “Gimel” and so on. These are letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each section in Psalm 119 has a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Some say that this Psalm was written in a similar time as we live today. It was a time of religious skepticism. They doubted whether there was a God. The people jumped from one religious fad to another. It was a time when profanity ran rampant. It was a wicked and sinful period. The psalmist is faced daily with rejection, slander and great opposition. But when he is confronted with this opposition he tightens his grip on the Word of God. He never turns loose of it. He tells us there is a “blessedness” that comes from reading and obeying the Word of God (vv. 1-2).

  1. Happiness is preservation from defilement (vv. 1-4).
    1. From defilement of our heart (v. 2b).
    2. From defilement of our habits (vv. 2a, 3)
  2. Happiness is praying with direction (vv. 5-6).
    1. Involving the surrender of life (v. 5).
    2. Involving the shame of sin (v. 6).
  3. Happiness is praising God in four areas (vv. 7-8).
    1. With cleanliness (v. 7a). “I will praise you with righteousness of heart”
    2. With correctness (v. 7b). “When I learn your righteous judgments.”
    3. With conduct (v. 8a). “I will keep your statutes.”
    4. With confidence (v. 8b). “oh do not forsake me utterly.”


Seeking God means much more than reading the Bible or even studying the Bible. For me it means hearing God’s voice in His word, loving Him more, and wanting to please Him in all that I do.

Psalms 119:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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