God’s Word is True

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The Word of God is trustworthy no matter what people do (vv. 137-139). Though the intellectual giants may attack it and ridicule it, the Word of God stands and will be here long after these people are dead and their writings have been forgotten. God never alters with time; we can meditate upon His righteous nature because that nature never changes. The Word of God is trustworthy no matter what people say (vv. 140-141). God’s Word has proven itself to be tried, refined, and purified like gold in the furnace, and also absolutely perfect, inerrant, and infallible. The world may look upon God’s people as “small and despised,” (v. 141) but when you stand on God’s promises, you are a giant. The Word of God is trustworthy no matter how you feel (vv. 142-143). Our feelings change but God’s Word never changes. God’s Word is not only true, but it is truth (v. 142). The Word of God is trustworthy no matter how long you live (v. 144). It is not the length of life but the depth of life that counts, and depth comes from laying hold of God’s Word and obeying it. The psalmist prayer is that God will give him full understanding of His commandments (v. 144).

We need to balance the Word and prayer in our devotional life and ministry, for all Bible and no prayer can produce a life that is cold and sterile, but all prayer and no Bible could result in zeal without knowledge. (1) Pray wholeheartedly (vv. 145-146). Before we can pray as we ought, we must pray for ourselves that God will give us a heart that is on fire for the Lord. (2) Pray without ceasing (vv. 147-148). We should cultivate an attitude of prayer in the morning and at night. Apart from God’s Word, we cannot know God’s will. (3) Pray as an act of love (v. 149). It is easy to think of prayer as an emergency measure, rushing into God’s presence and crying for help. Prayer is more than asking; prayer is loving. If we love the Word of God, we must also love the God of the Word and express our love to Him. (4) Pray with intelligence and alertness (vv. 150-152) Even when there are those who would threaten the psalmist, he is confident that there is one nearer him than his adversaries. Through testing and adversity, he had learned that the Word of God is true.


We are soldiers in a battle, and we dare not go to sleep while on duty. I want to have my ears turned on to His instruction and be ready to march whenever He gives the marching orders. I believe this will only come as I pray and listen to His Word.

Psalms 119:137-152 (English Standard Version)

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