The Lord Rewards His Own

The carnival director was interviewing a young man looking for his first job as a magician. “What’s your best trick?” the director asked. “Sawing a woman in half-that’s my best.” “Isn’t that a difficult trick?” “Not really. I’ve been able to do … More


This psalm speaks about the blessing of a family. He says that it is a real privilege and blessing to be able  to provide the physical needs for your own family. Then comes the blessing of a productive wife and many children who are looked up to in the community. Added to the fact that when he reaches old age he will have the blessing of seeing his grandchildren. This was especially unique for people whose life span rarely went over fifty. All of this is promised to the family who has reverence and respect for the Lord and lives according to the principles of His Word.

It is consistently emphasized throughout Scripture that those who are truly holy are truly happy. Those who are blessed are those that fear the Lord and walk in his ways. They have a deep reverence of God upon their spirits and evidence it by a regular and constant conformity to his will. Where the fear of God is a commanding principle in the heart the tenor of the conversation will be accordingly; and in vain do we pretend to be one of those that fear God if we do not make a conscience effort of keeping his ways. Such are blessed (v. 1), and shall be blessed, (v. 4). God blesses them, and his pronouncing them blessed makes it so. They are blessed now, they shall be blessed still, and for ever. This blessedness, arising from this blessing, is available to all saints universally: Blessed is everyone that fears the Lord, whoever he happens to be.

One aspect of his blessedness is finding satisfaction in his work, but he must of course really work and not be lazy! Another aspect is the pleasure he finds in feeding and sustaining his wife and family. But we note that the psalm has in verse 2 left the word “he” and gone over to the word “you”, in fact “thou”, singular; for it is addressing each separate individual father of any family, anywhere!


I believe that my children have the potential of one day being as effective (or even more effective) with their gifts and abilities than I do?  I have told them that and need to continue letting them know.

Psalms 128:1-6 (English Standard Version)

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