God’s Majesty And Love

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The theme of this passage of scripture is that “God is great“.

  1. Great in His person - (v.3)
  2. Great in His works - (v.4)
  3. Great in His majesty - (v.5)
  4. Great in His judgments - (v.6)
  5. Great in His goodness - (v.7) (Psa. 100:5)
  6. Great in His graciousness - (vv.8,9)

Men like to use the word great when speaking about themselves but about the only thing that God says is great about man is his wickedness (Gen. 6:5). He is a God of judgment as well as a God of love. In order to deliver His people He had to judge their enemies. This meant that redemption for Israel often meant judgment for their enemies. We will see His greatness more each day as we get to know Him through His word which will result in praise to Him. Praise to the Lord is one thing we can do on this earth that will continue in heaven so we need to begin practicing it now.


When I tend to be negative the best thing I can do is make a list of things to praise the Lord for. This is the best cure for a complaining attitude. Then when I find myself in a “grumpy” attitude I just need  to get out the praise list and go over it.

Psalms 145:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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