The Lord is Close to The Broken Hearted

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Omnipresent is a big word that means God sees what we do and He hears what we say (vv 15-16). This is a comforting truth to everyone who is doing and saying the things that please the Lord but it is a very discomforting truth to those who are displeasing Him. God never ignores the deeds of men in this life.

When the people pray the Lord listens (v.17) and He rescues those who are discouraged (v. 18). The Lord’s people may suffer alot, but He will always deliver them (v. 19). Not one of their bones will be broken (v. 20). David says, “I am living proof of this fact.” He was a broken man and it was only the Lord who could deliver him. On the other hand those who have hatred and cause hurt to those who live righteously will one day find themselves forsaken, wretched and alone (v. 21).

In summary the psalmist states that the Lord will redeem His servants (v. 22).In other words, no one who trusts in Him will be lost. With great price and great power the Lord Jesus has rescued the redeemed from the bonds of Satan.

Evil is like a weasel on the trail of a rabbit. It will single out a particular rabbit for destruction and persistently follow its trail, never losing the scent of its victim. It is usually a long chase. As the weasel follows this one rabbit he may pass fifty other rabbits of which he scarcely takes notice. The chase goes on and the weasel never allows himself to be turned aside. The rabbit finally worn to a frazzle will try to hide in the grass and the weasel catches him. Nothing but God’s intervening grace can turn it aside.


I should be comforted or frightened by the thought that God sees everything I do and hears everything I say?

Psalms 34:15-22 (English Standard Version)

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