David Pleads For Deliverence From Those Who Hated Him

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David says there are liars that accuse him of doing things he knows nothing about (v. 11). He feels all alone because they even repay evil for good (v. 12). He prayed for them and went without food when they were sick just like he would for a friend or relative (vv. 13-14). These slanderers have stripped him of his honor and his character. They have lied and misrepresented him to the point that his good name is gone and his reputation is ruined (vv. 15-16). David tells the Lord how he is innocent and asks the Lord to vindicate him (v. 17). He tells the Lord he will praise and thank Him in front of His people (v. 18).

We see David coming back to his original theme and praying again that his enemies will not be allowed to have victory (vv. 19-21). How human that is. We often will pray till we see victory, only to come back almost in the next breath to the same petition all over again.


How often have I have tried to fight and win my own battle in this life instead of letting the lord fight it for me. I would like to have the reputation of resting my case with the Lord and not going back to pleading my case over and over again, when the victory is mine to claim.

Psalms 35:11-21 (English Standard Version)

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