Prayer That The Wicked Won’t Triumph

When God answers prayer it is hard to keep quiet about it. A story is told of a man who borrowed money from a widow lady, promising to invest it safely and at good interest. This man not only made poor investments with the money but failed to pay any interest to the lady. The onl … More


The Psalmist calls on God to wake up; not that He was asleep, but it is an appeal for Him to manifest Himself (v. 22). As he draws to a close in his prayer he becomes more intense. David cries out to God to defend him when people wrongly accused Him. If we are unjustly accused, our natural reaction may be to lash out in revenge or give a detailed defense of our every move. Instead we need to ask God to fight the battle for us. He will clear the eyes of those who really matter. David now becomes more urgent in his prayers. He asks God to end His silence and come to his defense (v. 23). He prays for shame and confusion to be brought upon those who would bring shame and confusion upon him (vv. 24-26). When his enemies are put to flight and are silenced, David’s friends will come forth to shout with joy and be glad (v. 27). He promises to tell everyone of God’s justice and goodness, and that he will praise Him all the day long (v. 28).

When David’s enemies are put to flight his friends will come to shout with joy and be glad. Instead of letting his sorrow get him down David lifted up praise to the Lord. Though still concerned for his own acquittal, he concentrated on worship. When he praised God his uncertainty melted away. After praise and worship David’s problem became smaller and his concept of God became greater. Praise always brings with it a proper perspective that is unlimited.


I need to pray when I’m sad, to give thanks when I’m grateful and to praise God when I’m experiencing pain.

Psalms 35:22-28 (English Standard Version)

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