A Joyful Report About David’s Deliverance

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Psalm 40 can be divided into two parts. The first part constitutes a report of deliverance (vv. 1-10). While the second part is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving (vv.11-17). We find the Psalm beginning with David’s joyful report to the congregation about his deliverance and an encouragement to them to trust the Lord.

If this song was written soon after the illness alluded to in the previous Psalms, then it can provide an interesting illustration of the benefits of sickness. Sometimes God may force us to look up by putting us flat on our back. I know personally that when things are going well it is easy to forget God. David said that he patiently waited on the Lord to hear his prayer and pull him from a lonely pit (vv. 1-2). He put his feet on a solid rock and gave him a new song and praise for the Lord God (v. 3). He says the Lord blesses those who trust Him and refuses to worship idols or follow false gods (v. 4). Did David realize how many wonderful things God had provided and done for him (v. 5).

David makes it clear that God is more interested in obedience than He is in sacrifices (v. 6) (I Sam. 15:22). He said he is here to fulfill what is written in the law (vv. 7-8). David gives a strong testimony that illustrates his thankfulness to God for His faithfulness and salvation (vv. 9-10). It says that he “did not refrain his lips,” he “did not hide God’s righteousness,” he “did not conceal God’s loving-kindness and truth.”


It is so easy to think we are good because of what we have done and not rely on what God has done. I need to just sit for a few moments and think on the greatness of God and who He is. Praise Him for how great He is and how much He means to me.

Psalms 40:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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