David Petitioned God For Inward Renewal

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As David states, “Create in me a clean heart” (v. 10). He is interested in more than just forgiveness of sins. He wants a new heart and not just his old one changed. He is not asking for restoration but for regeneration. He prays that the Holy Spirit will not be taken from him (v. 11). This is the first time that the Holy Spirit is referred to in Scripture and actually it is mentioned only one other time in the Old Testament (Isaiah 63:10-11). We need to keep in mind that the Holy Spirit did not indwell the believer until after Pentecost so this was a very special occasion.

As a born-again Christian we can never lose our salvation; but we can certainly lose the joy of our salvation. Dr. James P. Gills, the founder and medical director of St. Luke’s Cataract Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida has written a booklet entitled “Jesus Laughing.” He starts out by telling how many Christians sit in their pews on Sunday morning singing “I’ve got the joy-joy-joy-joy down in my heart” but they act like they have been baptized in pickle juice. David says “Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation” (v. 12). He had lost his joy because of sin and that joy could only be restored after the cause of his depression, guilt and sin had been removed. He did not take his depression to a psychologist. He knew that his depression was caused by sin and it was only God who could restore the joy of His salvation.

When God forgives our sin and restores us to a relationship with Him, we want to reach out to others (v. 13). The more you have felt God’s forgiveness, the more you will desire to tell others about it.


Much of the depression in the lives of Christians today is caused by sin. It might be because of some lie told, some impure thought or because of some TV program watched or being angry at someone. In order to have joy I must constantly be on guard as to the things I am allowing to come into my thought life.

Psalms 51:10-13 (English Standard Version)

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