Prayer For Deliverance

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The historical background for this Psalm can be found in II Samuel 8:13-14; I Kings 11:15-16 and I Chronicles 18:12-13.  King David had inherited all the dreadful years of failure and defeat, apostasy and backsliding, misery and woe under the judges and under Saul. He took over where Joshua left off to carry out the divine commission to clear the promised land of its foes.

David’s armies were in the far northeast of his kingdom battling two Syrian foes. The Edomites in the extreme southeast took advantage of this situation to invade Palestine. When David heard about the Edomite invasion he immediately sent Joab and some of his forces to deal with them. A severe battle took place in the valley of Salt, near the southern end of the Dead Sea, and the Edomites suffered a crushing defeat from which they never recovered.

It was in this context that David cried out, “O God, thou has cast us off” (v. 1). David felt that Israel had been cast aside by God. No greater calamity can occur in the life of God’s people than to be a castaway (I Cor.  9:27). The priests had been murdered by Saul, and the military power of Israel had been broken by the Philistines. It was as if an earthquake had shaken the land (v. 2). David learned the wine of the vineyard of sin is squeezed from the grapes of God’s wrath (v. 3). God and His truth serve as a rallying point for these perplexed people (v. 4). He gave a signal to those who worshiped Him, so they could escape from enemy arrows. In answer to David’s prayers the Lord gave them a powerful victory (v. 5).


No matter how many battles may be raging in my life I can be sure that God will never allow me to have more than I can bear.

Psalms 60:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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