Trust in The Lord in Spite of Opposition

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This Psalm reflects David’s trust in the Lord in spite of opposition. It contrasts the security of trusting God with the insecurity of relying on human means. The theme of this Psalm is suggested in verse 1 when David wrote that he waited in silence for God. It appears that it may have been written at the time of the Absalom rebellion. His faith was sustained in the plans and promises of God in such a way that he could not be moved. He staked his security in God. David confessed that his only hope was in God. Without God’s deliverance, David would have been crushed by his foes (vv. 5-8). He warned that it is foolish to trust in humans. Riches are not to be trusted either.

David talked to his followers about two things:

  1. When we should trust in the Lord:Trust in Him at all times” (v. 8). David’s men could only see his influence slipping away to Absalom’s popularity. What he was really saying was “Trust in God, out time will come.”
  2. Why we should in the Lord: “God is a refuge for us” (v. 8b).

It is easy for us to trust in men (v. 9), military powers (v. 10a) or money (v. 10b). Instead we need to trust in the Word of God and the ways of God. This is why David , when faced with the growing might of Absalom, was able to leave everything with God. He was in good hands and he knew it.


It is tempting to seek honor power, wealth and prestige. However, with God, these kind of things are a “vapor” or a puff of air. Am I seeking prestige or can I say I’m faithfully at work for Him?

Psalms 62:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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