David Praises God in a Time of Distress

Chuck Swindoll writes: “I recall, as a little barefoot boy standing erect in my classroom and repeating the “Pledge of Allegiance” one Thanksgiving season. Our nation was at war and times were hard. My teacher had lost her husband on the blood washed shores of Norm … More


The faith expressed in Psalms 61 and 62 reaches a climax in this marvelous hymn of David, written in the wilderness. He was going through one of those rough times, which seemed to be his lot in life.  He had been driven from the throne by his son, Absalom, and was headed out across the wilderness of Judea, which was far from the sanctuary in Jerusalem. What David missed most was God’s house. It was not his palace, nor his family and friends left behind, but God’s house.

He says, “I will lift up my hands in thy name” (v. 4).  There are two ways we can lift up our hands for God: we can lift them in supplication and we can lift them in service. No doubt David had both thoughts in mind. God has no hands but our hands to do His work today. There are mission fields all over the world where God’s servants are crying out for help. God’s work needs carpenters, bricklayers, doctors, and people from all walks of life. David lived for God by working for Him.

Satisfaction and song were the ingredients in David’s witness (v. 5). Even though he had been forced to leave behind everything he possessed he was praising God. He was dependent for his next meal on the kindness and generosity of his friends. Did he feel sorry for himself? Not David??


Praise is essential for one’s spiritual life. It should stem spontaneously from my life as a result of God’s intervention in my behalf. Praise, will be an evidence that God is at work in my life.

Psalms 63:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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