Awesome Deeds of God’s Power

There are three kinds of Christians: (1) Row-boat Christians-struggling in their own power; stop to rest for a while, only to find that the current has taken them back where they started. (2) Sail-boat Christians-let the wind do all the work; enjoy the high moments, But what happ … More


David may have written this psalm to be sung annually when the harvest was brought to the Lord.  It is obviously a harvest hymn of praise, designed to be sung on an occasion of thanksgiving and not a ritual. The psalm begins with a mention of man’s preparation to praise God because He hears prayer (vv. l-2). The occasion for the prayer was apparently their overwhelming sins, but God had atoned for their transgressions (v. 3). This atonement for sin made possible the praise of the people and their entrance into the courts of the tabernacle. It is one thing to approach God; it is another to really know Him. David takes a fresh look at God and sees His power displayed in three ways (vv. 5-8):

      1. His power to convert (v. 5)

            a. The Hebrew people (v. 5a) - In Egypt they had been destined by Pharaoh for utter extermination but God redeemed them.

            b.   The heathen people (v. 5b) - Gentiles from all nations will be saved also.

      2.    His power to create (v. 6) - He demonstrated His power and strength by forming the mountains and soothing the seas and their waves.

      3.   His power to control

            a. The restless waves (v. 7) - This reminds us of the day Jesus slept on the bow of Peter’s boat when a storm came up. When he woke up, all He had to say was “Peace be still!”

            b. The restless world (v. 8) - “Thou makest the outgoing of the morning and evening to rejoice.” This is way of saying there is no limit to His power.


Although I may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of my sins, God will forgive them all if I ask sincerely. No sin is beyond His forgiveness.

Psalms 65:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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