Abundant Provision of Harvest

Have you heard that story of the guy who died and was being given a tour of heaven and he saw a friend of his drive by in a beautiful Mercedes. And he said, “Boy, this is great!” “Oh, yes,” St. Peter said, “your friend was really generous on earth, we had … More


It seems that the psalmist is inspired to write about the abundant harvest and give thanks to God. He summarizes the generosity of God’s care of the land (v. 9), and develops the theme of blessing on the land (vv. 10-13).God’s rain showers prepare the land for production (v. 10). Eventually God’s blessing brings the harvest (v. 11). He causes uncultivated areas to drip with moisture and the pastures to blossom (v.12). The flocks and grain flourish under His blessing (v. 13). He sees the hillsides robed in flocks of sheep and pictures the cornfields shouting one to another with joy.

God loves the land so much that He pours out His blessing on it. Everything is described in terms of excess. The streams are filled with water which was an unusual circumstance in the arid conditions of Israel. The furrows and ridges were “drenched.” The grain was in abundance so the gathering carts “overflowed” and the parched lands yielded grass for the flocks of sheep and goats.

In the future one of the things Jesus will do when He comes to reign is to bring the weather under His control. The deserts will be banished and no longer will the flash floods scourge the countryside.

Often people spend a lot of their time complaining about the weather which is a waste of time. It is something that man has absolutely no control over and besides God knows what is best for us. In Elijah’s day He used it to bring people to their knees and He has the right to do the same today. We are also told that it rains on the just and unjust alike.


Nature shows God’s generosity - giving me more than I need or deserve. As I understand God’s generosity it should make me grateful to God and generous with others.

Psalms 65:9-13 (English Standard Version)

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