The People were Encouraged to Praise God

The late Roland Q. Leavell in his book, Evangelism: Christ’s Imperative Commission, stated that of all the reported Church members: 15 per cent cannot be found, 20 per cent never pray, 25 per cent never read the Bible, 30 per cent never attend Church services, 40 per cent never g … More


This psalm has the joy of peace and prosperity ringing through it. Not only was the land delivered from the Assyrian scourge, but it was blessed with an abundant harvest. Israel never did experience the full outpouring of all the blessings God had for His children. All too often sin choked up the channel of blessing. But the psalmist envisions a day when God’s blessing will be poured out upon all of Israel (v. l). The prayer given is threefold: (1) first for mercy (v. 1), the prerequisite for salvation, and (2) then accompaniment of salvation (v. 2) and (3) finally for desire (v. 2). This verse has nothing whatsoever to do with divine healing or salvational healing but it is to be understood in the singular sense as salvation among all nations.

This psalm certainly speaks of the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) when Jesus commanded that the gospel be taken to all the nations. “Then shall the earth yield her increase.” (v. 6). This quotation from Lev. 26:4 is designed to show that the curse placed upon this planet by sin (Gen. 3:17-18) can only be removed by salvation.  In the future when the Lord Jesus reigns in righteousness the earth shall yield a harvest more abundant than is humanly conceivable.

After the horrifying battles which will terminate Gentile misrule on this planet there will be vast changes in human life and society. The millennial age will begin with a nucleus of saved and regenerated people, both Jews and Gentiles. The knowledge of salvation will be universal. And as always, spiritual conversion will be accompanied by social concern.


This psalm really speaks of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) when Jesus commanded that the Gospel be taken to all nations. Am I doing all that I can to be obedient to this command?

Psalms 67:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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