Fear And Praise Over God’s Triumph

In May of 1846 an evangelist, now mostly forgotten, named “James Caughey” (pronounced “coffee”) visited a chapel in Nottingham England and preached a sermon on the words recorded in St. Mark, “Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when y … More


This is a song celebrating God’s triumphal ascent to Mount Zion.  If this psalm was written by David, as many writers think, it could have been written when the ark was removed from the house of God at Obed-Edom to Mount Zion (2 Samuel 6). In olden times when the sacred ark of the covenant was moved it did so by divine plan and decree. The cloud of the Lord was upon them by day, when they went out of the camp. When they stopped and it rested, He said, “Return O Lord, unto the many thousands of Israel” (Numbers 10:33-36).

The psalmist prayed that God would show His power (vv. 1-6). He invited the people to praise in song the one who rides on the clouds. God is marching down the ages of time, progressing in a steady and unswerving stride toward His goal. No power on earth can stop Him. We tend to stew and fret when things don’t go our way when in actuality God is in control and steering the course of time toward His fulfillment. His enemies are like smoke driven by the wind, which in time will totally disappear. What chance does a puff of smoke have of establishing its presence before a driving wind? (v. 2). Also, what chance does wax have of maintaining its shape before the flames of the furnace? (v. 2). What chance does Israel’s foes have before a God who is marching steadily to Zion?


David praised God for His direction and His protection. As I see God’s hand of direction and protection in my life my response should be to praise Him.

Psalms 68:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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