Suffering For The Lord’s Sake

Abraham Lincoln, America’s most beloved president, was anything but beloved while he was in office. The South hated him. The anti-war activists hated him. Democrats hated him, calling him a widow-maker. The media ridiculed his eyes, looks, and body, calling him a freak of nature. … More


Most scholars attribute the authorship of this Psalm to David. An important feature of this Psalm is its messianic character. With the exception of Psalm 22, no portion of the Old Testament is more frequently quoted by the New Testament writers. Picture the psalmist in distress as an overflowing flood (vv. 1,2). However, no one takes the picture literally. Rather the flood of troubles or enemies is clearly in view for the rest of the psalm. David’s enemies hated him without a cause (vv. 1-4).

The scene changes to a man with a dried out throat and failing eyes (v. 3). Perhaps the throat is dry from calling for help and the eyes weary with weeping. Having described himself and His condition, the writer turned to his numerous enemies (v. 4) and this complaint turns to prayer (v. 5). First comes the confession of innocence. This is followed by requests for exoneration of the good people (v. 6).

Nothing David nor his great descendent did would please his oppressors. If the world hates God and His son then the Christian in the world today can expect to be hated also.

David was zealous for God’s house (vv. 7-12). He was suffering for the Lord’s sake (v. 7). His own relatives hated him even though he had zeal for the Lord (vv. 8-9). Their insults to God was directed to him. When he was in grief he fasted and prayed. Are we concerned enough about our enemies who may cause us grief to pray and fast for them? I even need to pray for those who may hate me.


Even though I want to do God’s will, I still make mistakes. But like David, I should pray that my foolish mistakes will not cause others to stumble.

Psalms 69:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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