Moses- Weary in The Wilderness Wanderings

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Some Bible scholars think Psalm 90 is one of the oldest pieces of writing in the Bible. It probably was written by Moses in the wilderness on the way from Egypt to Canaan. Perhaps Moses had already written Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and parts of Numbers, but these works were not yet in circulation. Thus Psalm 90 stands in distinction as the oldest psalm in history, one of the greatest psalms ever penned, and the first great masterpiece of the Hebrew hymn book. It is very likely that Moses wrote this psalm at the end of the wilderness wanderings, just before he died. As he pens these words he is going around in circles in the desert, and so they are literally in the wilderness.

This psalm can be divided into two sections:

    1. Man’s Plight (vv. 1-10). Moses the author of this psalm is a man without                          a country. He was a fugitive from Egypt and he died without entering Canaan.                    A contrast is made between God’s infinity and man’s finiteness (vv. 1-6). Moses                  proceeds to contrast man’s sinfulness with God’s righteousness (vv. 7-10). Man’s life          is short because we are sinners living under the righteous judgement of God. Man              is limited, his life is short and marked with sorrow, suffering and labor. If Moses                stopped here, this would be a dim picture indeed.

    2.  Man’s Petition (vv. 11-17). Here he makes two requests:

        A.  He petitions God to give men the grace to live wisely in view of  limitations (vv.                 11-12).

        B.  He petitions God to remove the limitations and frustrations (vv. 13-17).


What do I do when problems come. The first thing I should do is remember that God is in control.

Psalms 90:1-17 (English Standard Version)

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