What is True Worship

Waiting for a light to change at an intersection was a man in a car anxious to make a right turn. He was impatient because the car in front of him would not make a right turn. He did not see the pedestrian in the crosswalk for whom the man in front was waiting. Furiously he honke … More


We do not know for sure what inspired this psalm, however it seems to have been used in the temple  after the Babylonian captivity as a special song for the Sabbath. The question: “Is it possible that a godly person can rejoice in the destruction of the wicked?  Should the saint be happy when the sinner gets his due? Let’s see what God says about worship.

  1. The worthiness of worship (vv. 1-3) Worship is perhaps the most worthy of all activities for it brings pleasure to God as well as a pleasure to us. Various acts of worship are encouraged: (1) “to give thanks” (v. 1a), (2) “to sing praises” (v. 1b), to declare God’s goodness to others, and to use musical instruments (v. 3). Verse 2 especially points to the moment by moment relationship that God wants with us. He has little interst in the establishing of a law of  “do this in the morning and this in the evening” but instead He wants to enjoy our company all day long.
  2. The motivation and basis for worship (vv. 4-15) I question if most of what we call “worship” is really worship which the psalmist describes. It is not hysterical or emotional activity that someone works up but is worshiping God for who He is and what He does. Because God is exalted, He will bring about the downfall and destruction of the wicked (v. 9). We are also told that He causes the righteous to flourish (vv. 12-15). In both the destruction of the wicked and the exaltation of the righteous the purpose is to bring praise to His name. The psalmist recognized God’s enemies are his enemies. If we refuse to take sides, then the wicked will be our friends and God will be our enemy (James 4:4). We no only can rejoice, we ought to rejoice when God’s enemies are destroyed.


Worship should be at the heart of everything I do. If I rightly respond to the works of God I will respond in worship.

Psalms 92:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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