God is Ruling According to His Plan

The various forms of government we have on this earth are:Autocratic - Headed by a strong man or dictator.Monarchic - Headed by a king with more or less absolute power.Democratic - Where the people rule.Theocratic - No man-appointed or self-appointed ruler but directed by God.(So … More


From the “Beginning” of history until the time of Samuel “Theocratic” rule was Israel’s sole form of government. It failed, not because God failed but because Israel failed. When the people demanded of Samuel that he give them a king so they might be like the other nations God told him to let them have what they want (I Sam. 8:7). It has been shelved for now but God intends to restore the theocracy during the millennial reign. This is when the Lord Jesus, the second person of the Godhead, will reign directly over Israel and through Israel over all the earth. This Psalm is theocratic in content but it is also prophetic. A suggested outline for this chapter by John Phillips in his book “Exploring The Psalms” is:

      1.   The times are held by Him (vv. 1-2).

            A.  An expression of the full Sovereignty of God (v. 1a).

            B.  An examination of the fresh stability of earth (v. 1b).

            C.  An exposure of the false suppositions of men (v. 2).

      2.   The tempest is hushed by Him (vv. 3-4).

            A.  The awesome power of the nations (v. 3).

            B.  The actual paralysis of the nations (v. 4).

      3.   The temple is home to him (v. 5).

            A.  Trust! The law is there (v. 5a).

            B.  Tremble! The Lord is there (v. 5b).

We are children of a sovereign God who has the power and wisdom to make happen everything He desires to do. Nothing can frustrate His plans and no one can derail His promises.  


Sometimes it seems like God has lost control. The actual fact is that He is working according to a plan and I just need to fit into His plan and not try to get Him to endorse my plan.

Psalms 93:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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