Result of Rejecting The Light

In the Pacific Northwest, where it’s overcast most days, lots of people suffer from light deprivation, which results in mood swings and depression. There’s even a scientific name for this problem: “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” or S.A.D. People suffering from S.A. … More


The next parable that Jeremiah gave was of the wineskins. He announced what seemed to be a self-evident parable to the people. That was that every wineskin should be filled with wine (v. 12). The people scoffed at Jeremiah’s parable, as they expected every wineskin should be filled with wine. Then he drove home the point of the parable. The empty jars represented all who lived in the land, including the leaders and all the people. God would make them as people who were so confused that they seemed drunk, from the king sitting on David’s throne, right on down to the common people. He would then smash the people like jars, one against another (vv. 13-14).

Jeremiah warned the people about the sin of selfishness. By rejecting the light they would receive the darkness of judgment, as a traveler in the mountains is suddenly overtaken by darkness (vv. 15-17). Because they would not listen Jeremiah would weep bitterly as the people were led away into exile. He turns from the multitudes to address the King and Queen mother. He exhorts them to humble themselves in the light of the coming exile (vv. 18-19). Jeremiah urged the leaders to look at the armies coming from the north (vv. 20-27). God would scatter the people in exile like chaff that was blown in every direction by the desert wind. Her detestable acts of idolatry had been seen by God, and she would suffer the consequences.


It is good to respect my country, my church, my organization, etc., but it also carries a hidden danger of pride. Someone may ask, “so when is pride harmful?"  It is harmful when it causes me to (1) look down on others (2) be selfish with my resources, (3) force my solutions on other’s, (4) think God is blessing me because of my merits or (5) be content with my plans instead of seeking God’s plans.

Jeremiah 13:12-27 (English Standard Version)

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