The mark of the beast on the forhead


Revelation 14 graphically declares some of the terrible judgments that will be placed on the world. These are especially for those that reject Christ and follows the beast, the false prophet and Satan. However, taken as a whole, this chapter seems to refer to the preservation of the 144,000 during the Tribulation.

     3.   What is happening on Earth continued.....

c.   The third Angel foretells the doom of those who deny the Lord (vv. 9-12). This angel has a message of judgment for the worshipers of the beast and the recipients of his mark. They will be objects of God’s wrath and will be destined for eternal torment along with Satan, the demon world and all unsaved people.

d.   A special blessings is promised to the Saints who are Martyred (v. 13). There is a special blessing promised to all Christians who die during the Tribulation. Although it is always blessed to die in Christ it will be peculiarly so during this time. These people will not only be released from persecution, torture, and trial but will be delivered into the glorious presence of the Lord for all eternity.


God is not only a God of love but He is a God of justice. He will bring judgment  to those who deny Him  as well as blessing for those who are persecuted for their faith. I realize that this applies to those who are living in the time of the great tribulation and not to me as I will already be raptured. My job now is to warn people about this terrible time that is coming.

Revelation 14:8-13 (English Standard Version)

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