The Church at Laodicea Was Lukewarm

We read of a vessel discovered a century ago, among the icebergs of the Arctic ocean, with the captain frozen as he was making his last entry in the logbook. The crew were discovered, some in their hammocks and some in the cabin, all frozen to death. The last date in the logbook … More


This last of the seven churches, Laodicea, is located about 45 miles southeast of Philadelphia and about 90 miles east of Ephesus the city in the first letter. It was a large city specializing in the manufacture of wool and a center for making medicines. Pride and self-satisfaction characterized the people. It was destroyed by the Muslims in the Middle Ages, and today is a mass of ruins. 

It is widely thought that things on earth and the visible church will steadily improve until the Lord comes. Laodicea is at large the church of the end times and reveals the church in its true condition. There is nothing to commend this church, although it thinks it is perfect (v.17). The Lord’s condemnation is severe as he says they are lukewarm (vv. 15-16), proud (v.17) and spiritually ignorant (v. 17). Boasting of wealth and methods of organization, it fails to realize the absence of spiritual life in its midst. There threefold need consisted of poverty, nakedness, and blindness (v. 18). The church at Laodicea is typical of a modern church, quite unconscious of its spiritual needs and content with beautiful buildings and all the material things money can buy. 

The chapter ends with: 

      1.   A call to repentance (v. 19).

      2.   An invitation to accept Christ (v. 20).

      3.   A promise to the “overcomer” (v. 21).

      4.   The command to hear (v. 22). 


Lord, help me to take an honest look at my life. If Jesus took my spiritual temperature today, what would He find? Hot? Cold? Or Lukewarm? He doesn’t like a cold heart, but He hates being lukewarm.

Revelation 3:14-22 (English Standard Version)

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