Worship in Heaven

I once heard the story of a young boy who went to church on a Sunday night. The preacher asked, “How many of you want to go to heaven?” Everybody but this young boy put up his hand. The preacher looked at him and asked, “Son, don’t you want to go to heaven?” & … More


So far, the first two divisions of Revelation have been covered (cf. 1:19); the things which John saw (Chapter. 1) and the things which are during the church age (Chapters 2-3). Now we come to the largest section of the book which are the things yet future (Chapters 4-22). From Chapter 4 to the end of the book it deals with things which are yet future. This portion is divided into three principal sections: the tribulation period (6:1-19:21); the millennium 20:1-15); and the eternal state (21:1-22:21). 

John is commanded to come up to heaven, so that he may see and understand the things that are to happen on earth (v. 1). We are now given sort of a travel-log of the things John saw in this vision. First, he saw the throne (v. 2). The one sitting on the throne is identified as God (v. 8) and he is described in terms of two precious stones (v. 3). Jasper is one of various brilliant colors and sardine is a red color. Around the throne was a rainbow of Emerald (green in color) which is a vivid reminder of the faithfulness of God. From the throne came lightening, thundering, and voices. It seems that judgment is pending, about ready to break (v.5). Before the throne were seven lamps of fire and a sea of glasslike crystal that is reminiscent of the laver in the temple and a place of cleansing.

The persons around the throne are described as twenty-four elders (v.4). Most writers understand these to be twenty-four redeemed human beings who represent all the redeemed. They are seated on thrones and clothed in white. Then there are “four beasts” who are each different in appearance and praising God day and night (vv. 6-9). The elders who have been seated on their thrones rise and bow themselves before God, casting their crowns before Him and praising Him (vv. 10-11).


John was given a special invitation. What invitation has Jesus given to me? How have I responded?

Revelation 4:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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