Revenge by Jacob’s Sons

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At first an offer for material things was made by Hamor and turned down as Simeon and Levi took over the negotiations (vv. 8-13). They spoke deceitfully by saying they were not evaluating the wrong done to them in terms of riches but in terms of religious principles (v. 14). They also came back with a counter proposal that before they could consider a marital alliance the Canaanite men must all accept their basic religious premise of being circumcised v. 15). They promised that if you do this you can marry into our tribe and we can marry into your tribe and we can live together as one nation, but if you don’t we will take Dinah and leave (vv. 16-17).

Actually this was a deceptive offer as they never expected the Shechemites would accept it. However, all of the men of Shechem agreed to it and were circumcised (vv. 18-24). While all these men were suffering from this painful operation Simeon and Levi massacred every man in the place and Dinah was dragged back home (vv. 25-26). Jacobs other sons took all their possessions and families (v. 27-29). Jacob was alarmed and troubled by all of this. He was no doubt foolish and soft in the way he had reacted to all of this but his heart was right (30-31).


I want to be a person who always pays good back for evil and never seek to take revenge.

Genesis 34:8-31 (English Standard Version)

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