Sons of God and Daughters of Men

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This section of Scripture has produced discus­sion and several views as to exactly who “the sons of God” and “the daughters of men” are referring to (vv. 1-4). Two of these views are as follows:

1. The sons of  God were the godly line of Seth and the daughters of men were descendants of Cain.

2. The sons of God were powerful rulers who were controlled by fallen angels and intermarried with wicked women.

In light of the context in which it is written I perso­nally believe that the first view above is probably the most accurate. Regardless of the view taken it is evident that Satan was very much at work. These mixed marriages brought a stern rebuke and warning from God (v.3). Man was given 20 years after this warning before the judgment of the Flood actually came.

Men had become so evil by the days of Noah that God was even sorry that He had made him (vv. 5-8). Every sin imaginable was being practiced. It should make us wonder if condi­tions in the world today are any less offensive to God. It seems that Christians are also adding to the Lord’s grief illicit sex has crept into the Christian community and the divorce rate among Christians is rapidly nearing that of those who do not know Christ. The end of this age must be getting near.  


Are you aware of the evils of our day that have even crept into the church? It is important that I  warn my family about them. I must not get my standards from man but from the Word of God.

Genesis 6:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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