The Bowl Judgments

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Chapter 16 covers the seven bowl judgments. These are an expansion of the seventh trumpet judgement, just as the seven trumpet judgments are an expansion of the breaking of the seventh seal judgment. John introduces the seven angels to pour out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth. In these plagues there are some similarities to the plagues in Egypt and the seven trumpet judgments.

      The Seven Bowl Judgments                                Plagues      Judgments

      1.   Ugly and painful sores on men (Boils) (v.2)     Ex. 9:10-11

      2.   Sea turns to blood and every thing dies (v 3)  Ex. 7:17-18

      3.   Rivers and fountains become blood (vv. 4-7)   Ex. 7:19-21   Rev. 8:8-9

      4.   The sun becomes scorching hot (vv. 8,-,9)              

      5.   Darkness and its agony (vv. 10-11)               Ex. 10:21-23 Rev. 9:1-2

      6.   Euphrates river dries up (vv. 12-16)              Ex. 14:21      Rev. 9:12-16

      7.   Thunder, earthquakes and hail (vv. 17-21)    Ex. 9:22-26  Rev. 11:18-19

As Babylon falls the people cursed God because the plagues were so terrible. The stage is now set for the dramatic and climactic second coming of Christ, revealed in chapter 19.


Even though men saw the hand of God in all these events they still went their own way. Lord help me to never be so stubborn I refuse to listen when you send messages to me.

Revelation 16:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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