The Genealogy of Jesus

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Luke recorded that Jesus was about 30 years old when He began His ministry (v. 23). Luke apparently used the term “about 30” to indicate that He was well prepared for ministry. The two genealogies of our Savior are found in the first chapter of Matthew and here in this chapter of Luke (vv. 23-38). When we read II Timothy 1:4 we find “Neither give heed to ... genealogies."  Therefore we don’t base anything on our earthly genealogy. Our confidence is in the fact that we have regeneration by the Word and Spirit of God.

God has preserved the genealogies of His Son so we may have a clear record and see His identification. Matthew wrote especially to show the Savior came from the line of David (who should sit upon the throne and reign in righteousness over all this universe) and Abraham (through whom all nations of the earth shall be blessed) which interested the Jews. What is the significance of Luke’s genealogy?

  1. Tracing the line of Mary shows that she was in the line of David; therefore Jesus was qualified as Messiah not only through Joseph but also through Mary.
  2. Luke was tracing the line of Joseph to show that the legal and actual line of David through which Jesus came was fulfilled in Joseph, the supposed father of Jesus. The important thing is that Jesus fulfilled all prophecy and came to seek and to save all people, Gentiles and Jews.


Isn’t it great that God included us in His plan before we were born so that we can come to Jesus and trust Him as our very own personal Savior?  He is the only way to Heaven and through Jesus I have my sins forgiven. Now, I need to share this good news with others who do not know Him personally.

Luke 3:23-38 (English Standard Version)

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