Jesus Predicts His Death

A young preacher heard about a sudden and tragic death of a teenager in a car accident. He rushed to the home of the parents only to find them standing in the front yard next to their car. They had just arrived home from the hospital.He didn’t know what to say so he said … More


Jesus explained how he came into this world to suffer and die for the sins of the world (vv. 27-33). The people heard but did not understand what He was teaching. The Jews were puzzled by his talk of death. They were sure that their Messiah would not die (v. 34). Jesus explained how He was “the light” and he would only be with them a short time (v. 35). They should walk in the light while there was time, so they won’t be walking blindly in the dark (v. 36). After Jesus said these things, He went into hiding. 

John’s language parallels that used in the other Gospels when they describe Jesus’ agony in the garden. In both cases Jesus prayed for deliverance from “this hour” (v. 27 and Mark 14:35), and his human distress was emphasized as he contemplated his fate. However distressed Jesus was, he was able to master his emotions and focused on the importance of facing “this hour”. The passage ends with a voice from heaven verifying what Jesus was doing and with Jesus indicating what sort of death he would die (v. 33). In being ‘lifted up’ on a cross as a public spectacle he would be an obvious sign to those who sought him as a source of salvation. However, the darkness is approaching. The time for decision and discernment is fast disappearing and, as if to emphasize the point, Jesus withdrew from the scene (v. 36).


The ground is level at the foot of the cross; neither Jew nor Gentile has any special advantage. “All have sinned … there is none righteous” (Rom. 3:23, 10). God said all are under sin so that He might have mercy on all (Rom. 11:32).



“And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” Heb. 9:27. This is one appointment that none of us will miss. However, because I have trusted Jesus as my Savior, I have eternal life which means I will never die spiritually but only physically. I can never thank him enough for taking my place on the cross.

John 12:27-36 (English Standard Version)

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