The Journey From Kadesh-barnea to Moab

An evangelist was riding on a plane filled with people, cigarette smoke and defiled air. The evangelist knew he would have to take a bath, and send his clothes to the cleaners. He felt like he had been charcoal-broiled. Suddenly he turned to a woman and said, “Would yo … More


In this passage we can see how God did not give up on His people in spite of this 40 year judgment of that ungrateful and rebellious generation. We can see how He was still  guiding them through His prophet Moses and had not abandoned His plan to give them the promised land in Canaan.

As God told Moses to go through Seir, the home of Esau’s descendants, He warned Israel not to fight with these people (vv. 1-8). Just as the Edomites were not attacked and conquered because they were related to Jacob so the Moabites were spared because they were descendants of Lot, the nephew of Abraham (vv. 9-15). This points out that Israel was not free to conquer any territory they wanted but He had promised them a definite land. This shows how God is sovereign over all lands and all peoples even to this day. God has set the bounds of all nations (Acts 17:26). Most wars are fought because  the boundaries of nations are not respected. Israel did not have to spend 40 years on the way to the promised land. God allowed them to experience the wilderness wanderings because they:

  1. Rejected His love.
  2. Rebelled against His authority.
  3. Ignored his commands for right living.
  4. Willfully broke their end of the agreement made in Exodus. (Ex. 19:8 and 24:3-8)


God wanted the Israelites to deal justly with their neighbors. I must also recognize the rights of others and act justly in dealing with them. By doing this I may be able to establish and restore relationships which will be pleasing to God.

Deuteronomy 2:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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