Passover With The Disciples

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Lord's Supper

Most Bible scholars believe that the events recorded in this passage took place on Thursday of Passion week. This was the first day of the seven-day Feast of the Unleavened bread and the day Passover lambs were sacrificed (Mark 14:12). It was necessary for Jesus and His disciples to find a place in crowded Jerusalem where they could celebrate the feast (v. 17). Jesus sent Peter and John to make these important preparations (Luke 22:8). They were to find a man carrying a pitcher of water and he would show them a large upper room (v. 18). This would not be as hard as it sounds because most men didn’t carry water, this was usually done by the women. To this day neither Scripture nor tradition provides the name of this man who so graciously provided them a place.

Besides finding a location, the two disciples had to purchase the food and prepare it for the Passover which probably took them most of the day (v. 19). When the disciples had nearly finished the meal, Jesus announced that one of the twelve would betray Him (vv. 20-21). As each one asked who it was, Jesus let Judas know that it was him and urged him to hurry up and do his thing (vv. 22-25). With this Judas went out into the night (John 13:30). At this point Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper where He took bread and wine and made them visible reminders of His body and blood that was soon to be shed for our remission of sins (vv. 26-30). This ordinance is to be commemorated by the church until He returns (I Cor. 11:23-26). The song the disciples sang may have been (Psa. 115-118).The Lord’s Supper not only looks back to the sacrifice of Christ’s death, it also looks ahead to His glorious reign. It both memorializes and anticipates the work of Christ.


What does Communion mean? For many it is just a ritual that the church goes though once a month and for some weekly. The key words are “remember” and “give thanks" as I partake.  


Matthew 26:17-30 (English Standard Version)

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