The New Rulers

Georgia Tech. Football game years ago. GT was ahead 7 to 6. Coach told QB not to throw no matter what. They ran to the opponents 10 yd. line in last minute of play, but he was overcome by temptation. He threw and it was intercepted by the fastest back on the team. H … More




Jehosaphat and Ahab went up to Ramoth-gilead to face Ben-hadad II, King of Aram. Ahab devised a plan to go into battle disguised as a regular soldier (v. 30). Jehosaphat did not realize that this tactic would put him in greater danger. Ben-hadad wanted to kill Ahab because he knew that without their king the soldiers of Israel would not fight effectively. Dressed in his royal attire Jehosaphat was mistaken for Ahab and became the target of the whole Aramean army. However, under attack he cried out and was spared (vv. 31-33).


In an incident that was regarded as an accident, Ahab was fatally wounded (vv. 34-40). God allowed this to accomplish His purpose. After being wounded, Ahab propped himself up in his chariot and watched the battle until sunset. Ahab died and the dogs licked up his blood as God had predicted  (20:42, 21:19). The battle broke up when Ahab died as the Israelites could not take Ramoth-gilead.


Jehosaphat ruled with his father the last three year’s of Asa’s life (vv. 41-50). At Asa’s death Jehosaphat became the sole ruler. He ruled for 25 years and was counted one of Judah’s good kings. At the very last of Ahab’s reign, Jehosaphat entered into a treaty with him that resulted in peace between Judah and Israel during Jehosaphat’s reign. However, this treaty included the marriage of Jehosaphat’s son Jehoram to Ahab’s daughter Athaliah which followed Jezebel’s example and caused trouble. Ahab’s son, Ahaziah became king of Israel in the seventeenth year of Jehoshaphat’s reign (vv. 51-53). He reigned two years and did evil in the sight of the Lord, just like his father.




It was foolish for Ahab to think he could escape the enemy by wearing a disguise. The same is true in my life. It is easy to try to escape reality by changing jobs, moving to a new town or even doing good things to bring glory to myself. However, God sees and evaluates my motives and any attempted disguise is futile.


I Kings 22:30-53 (English Standard Version)

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