The Strain Upon Divine Patience

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Hosea’s own personal tragedy fades into the background as Israel is examined under God’s searchlight. The events of this chapter summarize what Gomer has done and what Israel has done. What happens to Gomer will happen to Israel. Israel, like Gomer, has defected from their true husband. Gomer thought that it was men other than her husband who would provide these things for her and Israel thought that it was gods other than the true and living God who would provide these things for her. Such is the deception of sin.

The prophet focuses on the following:

  1. Israel Indicted (vv. 2-5). The Lord in verse 2 calls upon the harlot’s children to indict their mother because of her adultery. The motivation for the children to plead with their mother  points out the consequences that will occur if the mother fails to give up the traces of harlotry (vv. 3-5). Like Gomer, Israel is willing to believe a lie and credits her false lovers (Baal) for every good thing she has received (v. 5).
  2. Israel Punished (vv. 6-13). These verses (vv. 6-8) summarize God’s initiation of the process of punishment, the isolation of Israel from her illicit lovers. The grave consequences of forgetting the Lord,  (vv. 9-13) emphasize the Lord’s desire for Israel to know Him again. The predicted destruction of the vine and fig tree (v. 12) should have shaken Israel to an awareness of her folly. The same people who forgot the Lord who brought them out of bondage never forgot to adorn themselves properly for a festival dedicated to Baal (v. 13).


Today many people give credit to everything and everyone but God for their prosperity. The call it luck, hard work, quick thinking or the right contacts. Where do I stand on this issue of deception? Do I ever try to make people think that I am something that I am not?

Hosea 2:1-13 (English Standard Version)

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