The Wall That Will Fall

A minister, one Sunday morning, said to his congregation, “Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. In preparation for that message, I’m asking all of you to read Mark 17 this coming week.” The following Sunday, he stood up to preach and asked, “How … More


There were many false prophets in Israel who claimed to be spokesmen of the Lord and assured the people that all would be well. They were like those who whitewash a flimsy wall to hide its defects (vv. 10-16). The Lord would purge these deceivers from the covenant community. His judgment would come like a torrential down pour, violent wind, and destructive hailstones and batter the whitewashed wall to the ground. When it fell the people perished in the midst of it, and they knew that I am the Lord. Thus will I spend my wrath upon the wall and upon those who have smeared it with whitewash, and I will say to you, The wall is no more, nor those who smeared it,

In the Bible, the gift of prophecy was given to women as well as men. Examples are Miriam ( Ex. 15:20), Deborah (Judges 4:4) and Huldah (II Kings 22:14). But the women mentioned here are more like the medium of I Samuel 28:7. The Lord  denounced these false prophetesses who misled the people with lying messages gained by divination (v. 17). Their activities had a debilitating effect upon the righteous, and these diviners actually encouraged the wicked to continue in their evil ways. The Lord would expose them as frauds and free His people from their negative influence. The magic charms and veils mentioned here were used in witchcraft practices (v. 18). They were advertised as good luck charms, but were used to ensnare the people in idolatry. The Lord says He will let the souls whom they hunt go free like birds. He will deliver His people out of their hand, and they shall know that He is the Lord (vv. 19-22). Because they have disheartened the righteous falsely, and have encouraged the wicked, that he shall not turn from his evil way to save his life, therefore they shall no more see false visions nor practice divination.


I am thankful that I do not have to worry about the lies of false prophets as long as I stay close to the Lord and in His Word.

Ezekiel 13:10-23 (English Standard Version)

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